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Candy King Bundle

Candy King Bundle

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All five flavors of the Candy King original line. 5 x 100ml bottles (500ml in total)

Batchsweet orange, cherry, lemon and lime gummies and douses them with sweet and tart crystals. First it will be sour then it will be sweet.

Belts - strawberry Sour Punch Straws candy. 

Sour Worms - sweet and sour gummy flavors of orange, lime, lemon, strawberry, cherry, raspberry and finishes them off with a heavy dose of granulated sugar.

Strawberry Watermelon - bubbly and tasty rendition of the Strawberry and Watermelon Bubblicious bubble gum we all know and love.

Swedish - perfect rendition of our favorite red fish candy and this one is most definitely Swedish Chef approved.