Vaping and Anxiety

Most of us have experienced bouts of anxiety and depression at some point in our lives. Recently, more and more people are choosing to be proactive about dealing with their anxiety and depression rather than suppressing it and ignoring it. The negative stigma that having anxiety and depression used to have doesn’t exist anymore. Choosing to address and change your mental health can be accelerated by choosing to address and change your physical health.

A lot of questions surround the vaping culture. Many wonder about the effects that vaping can have on people with anxiety. Does it help to relieve anxiety? Is vaping a positive alternative for those with anxiety who smoke cigarettes? We at EJuice Blowout have gathered data on vaping and anxiety and we’re here to share it and answer these questions for you.

Cigarette Smoking and Mental Health

While the initial burst of nicotine from that first drag off of a cigarette is calming, the feeling is only short term. When it comes to smoking and mental health, you’re asking for trouble. The mentally ill are more likely to die younger of cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer as a result of cigarette smoking.

It is well documented that people with mental illness smoke cigarettes at a higher rate than those that do not. In fact, according to the CDC, people who suffer from mental illness and substance abuse disorders are more likely to be addicted to nicotine than people who don’t suffer from these disorders. Nicotine addiction is particularly difficult for those who suffer from psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia. Nearly 90% of those afflicted with schizophrenia smoke cigarettes.

Vaping and Anxiety

Many cigarette smokers with mental illness that want to quit smoking face additional challenges in their attempts to quit. These individuals are more likely to live under stressful conditions, low annual income, lack of access to health care, and an overall support system. Considering all of these challenges, quitting is a huge hurdle.

While not much research has been done on the effect vaping has on anxiety, smokers have shown to have a tendency of higher stress levels and experience more bouts with anxiety than non-smokers. That considered, lack of nicotine spikes anxiety in smoker that are trying to quit.

The truth of the matter is, smoking cigarettes poses several serious health risks for smokers and those around them. Vaping can be a bridge between quitting cigarettes and quitting smoking altogether. Vaping prevents nicotine withdrawals and still allows for the delivery of nicotine without all of the harmful chemicals. With vaping, you can also control the level of nicotine you’re consuming to slowly ween you off altogether.

Basically, if you’re a smoker with anxiety and want to quit, now is the time to make the switch. It’s a much healthier alternative to cigarette smoking, but with the same relief.

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