Vape Juice vs. Salt Nicotine: What’s the Difference?

At Ejuice Blowout, we strive to be the best and cheapest Canadian Ejuice online business.  We offer premium USA eliquids to all of Canada.  Since we don’t have a retail store we are able to offer the lowest possible prices on popular, premium eliquids.  We have a variety of eJuice and salt nicotine brands and flavors for you to choose from.  You may wonder what the difference between the two is, so we are here to help. 

What is Vape Juice?

Vape juice is the fluid used in vaporizers to create vapors that come in a variety of flavor and nicotine levels.  Vape juice is made of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, food flavoring, and water.  It can be made with or without nicotine.  The propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are used to help distribute the flavor and nicotine throughout the liquid.  

What is Salt Nicotine?

Salt nicotine is a type of nicotine that forms naturally and is considered to be a more stable form of nicotine.  It is able to vaporize at much lower temperatures and has been proven to enter the bloodstream faster than traditional vape juice.  Nicotine salts provide a blood absorption rate closer to an actual cigarette.  It is known to be smoother than regular vape juice and has a higher concentrate of nicotine, which means you can consume less and get more value out of it.

What Ejuice Blowout Has to Offer

At we offer a variety of the best Canadian Ejuice online options.  Whether you are a fan of vape juice, salt nicotine, or both, we have something for you. 

Popular Vape Juice

BLVK Unicorn FRZNMANGO is 60 ML eJuice with ripe mangoes paired with a cool menthol blast flavor.  It is the perfect mixture of fruit and mint flavors that provides a refreshing taste.

Breeze Vapor Guava Ice is a limited time offer that when it’s gone, it is gone.  Get your hands on this limited flavor of 60 ML eJuice with an exotic guava and menthol.  The unique and delicious flavor of guava will take you to the beach and have you dreaming of warm weather year round. 

Cravings White Chocolate Mint 60 ML eJuice is a white chocolate peppermint bark flavor that will remind you of a classic Christmas treat.  It is the perfect balance of white chocolate and mint that will keep you craving more.

Hawaiian Drops 60 ML is your favorite 90’s fruit punch drink flavor that will take you right back to your childhood.  It is the sweet, fruity punch that everyone loves.

Popular Nicotine Salt

Simple Salts- PS 30 ML eJuice is a pineapple strawberry flavor that will remind you of summer all year long. 

Nude Salts GAS 30 ML eJuice is a sugared Columbian guava, ripe crisp apples, and sweet red strawberries flavor.  It’s the perfect mixture of exotic and classic fruits combined into one.

Holy Cannoli Salts Pebbled 30 ML eJuice is a crunchy-pebbled cereal stuffed inside a cannoli shell.  Think of your favorite childhood cereal mixed with your favorite dessert for this delicious combination. 

Rad Salts Belle 30 ML is rum-spiked holiday eggnog that you can enjoy all year long.  Sit back by the fire, listen to carols and enjoy this festive flavor whether it is December or not.

Salt nicotine eJuice is not intended for use in RDA’s or Tanks with Sub-Ohm coil resistance (with exception of Fresh Pressed Salts eJuices).  It is intended for fillable pod systems and mouth-to-lung tanks such as Aspire Breeze/Breeze 2, Suorin Air, Suroin Drop, and Suorin iShare. 

Popular Vape Hardware

Besides providing the best vape juice and nicotine salt, has the best hardware to go along with it.

Aspire Spryte AIO Kit

This AIO pod system from Aspire comes in an all-new design pod system that is slim and stylish.  It comes in five, popular, satin-finish, stylish colors: olive green, grey, black, blue, and purple.  The Spryte has an easy to fill 3.5 or 2 ML pod, it fits comfortably in the hand and is very discreet.  It utilizes Aspire’s well-known BVC coils and comes with a regular 1.8ohm coil and a second one 1.2ohm for use with nicotine salts.  It comes with a built in 650mAh battery.

SMOK Mico- Starter Kit

The SMOK Mico comes in many stylish, unique colors, with an elegant, high gloss finish.  Powered by a built-in 700mAh lithium battery, sufficient for you to enjoy vaping all day.  The kit includes one of the following:  Mico device, Mico Pod (0.8ohm mesh coil), Mico Pod (1.0ohm regular coil), lanyard, USB cable, and manual.

Aspire Nautilus AIO Kit

The Aspire Nautilus AIO Pod Kit is made for on the go vaping.  Its easy portable shape fits your palm of your hand.  It differs from the Pod Kits as it has a fire button which also has the locking key which helps prevent you from accidentally firing when not vaping.  This then helps with the LED light, when vaping the light comes on to demonstrate real time vaping status. 

No matter what your vaping needs are, has the best and cheapest Canadian Ejuice online options.  Whether you are a fan of traditional vape juice or nicotine salt, we have the best flavors, brands, and hardware for your vaping needs.