The Ultimate Guide to Vaping for Weight Loss

You may have heard by now that vaping may be much safer than smoking according to at least one study. After all, vape juice doesn't contain harmful ingredients such as tar and carbon monoxide found in cigarettes.

But did you know that vaping may also help you lose weight?

The Oxford Academic Journal on Nicotine & Tobacco Research found that people who vaped were able to drop weight. There are a few reasons why this may be so. Here's a look at what you need to know about vaping for weight loss. 

Vape Juice Flavors May Satisfy Cravings

One of the most obvious reasons why vaping may help people lose weight is because of the variety of vape juice flavors available. There's literally a flavor that can satisfy any kind of food craving and many vape juice brands such as Cream of the Cup and Donut Town can tame a sweet tooth.

Eliquid contains only about four or five calories per milliliter. Compare that to 137 calories in a half cup serving of vanilla ice cream. Vaping vanilla flavored ejuice may take the edge off your ice cream craving and save you some serious calories.

Instead of eating a slice of lemon meringue pie, you could even combine a cream flavored vape juice with a lemon flavored one for a similar taste sensation.

There are vape juices that taste like your favorite desserts, soda, candy, and more. The next time you feel like binging on something high in calories, try reaching for your vape pen instead. It may just help you drop some unwanted pounds.

Vaping Helps Smokers Who Quit Avoid Weight Gain

It's been known for many years now that smokers who quit often gain weight, causing them to take up smoking again. It could be because they without cigarettes to keep their mouths busy, they resort to eating as a substitute.

Or it could be because cigarette smoking boosts metabolism by making the heart beat faster.

Whatever the reason, vaping gives smokers looking to quit tobacco a way to keep the weight from piling on. They still get nicotine but without the additives in cigarette smoke.

They also don't have to worry about their weight creeping up.

Vaping Keeps Mouths and Hands Busy

Vaping keeps a person's hands and mouth busy when they could be reaching for a snack instead. In this way, vaping takes the place of eating mindlessly, or eating out of boredom.

More Research is Needed to Confirm Vaping for Weight Loss

Much more research is still needed to confirm if vaping for weight loss actually works. As more studies are done, who knows-vaping may just become a recommended activity to help people drop weight or maintain a healthy weight.

If you could use a supply of ejuice in your favorite flavors to help with your food cravings, check out our current list of sweet ejuice brands such as Holy Canoli.