The Big Bottle: eJuice Blowout 120 mL E-Juice Deals

Have you ever gone shopping at one of those big box stores that sells frozen waffles in packs of 100? Have you ever looked at them and got so overwhelmed thinking about how long it would take you to eat them?  And where would you even put them?  Your freezer is packed already.  But then you think about it some more and you realize that buying this pack of 100 frozen waffles will end up costing you less than if you had to go buy the regular sized box once per week.  I mean, it basically pays for itself.  Then you toss said frozen waffles into your cart and head over to buy a gallon of Mrs. Butterworths. 

Consider E-Juice Blowout your one stop shop for all of your e-juice needs.  We sell the big ones.  Typically, e-juice bottles contain 60mL of e-juice.  While we do have a plethora of those, we are happy to present to you, the big bottles…the economy sized 120ml e-juice deals at E-Juice Blowout and you won’t have to rearrange your cabinets to make sure they fit. We’ve got big boy bottles at steeply discounted prices and we want to talk about it.

120 mL E-Juice Deals

Currently on our page for 120mL E-Juice Deals, there are 28 big bottles on sale with more to be added when available.  All of our big bottles are marked down to an incomparably low price of only $24.99.  Our uncomplicated, user-friendly website is designed so that you can search our 120mL e-juice deals by filtering by flavor profile and by sorting by brand, best-selling, price, alphabetical order or date.  Right now, we offer 3 popular brands of e-juice as part of our 120mL E-Juice Deals; Bubba Jug, Nude, and Simple 120. 

We have Bubba Jug e-juice in 3 luscious candy fruit flavors; watermelon, sour green apple, and grape.  Each 120mL bottle of Bubba Jug e-juice is available for purchase in nicotine concentration of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Our selection of big bottles includes 6 varieties of Nude brand e-juice, all appropriately named with initials that coincide with their flavor profiles: Nude APK (apple, pear, kiwi); Nude BRS (blueberry, raspberry, strawberry); Nude GAS (guava, apple, strawberry); Nude KRB (kiwi, raspberry); Nude POM (pineapple, orange, mango); and Nude SCP (strawberry, coconut, pineapple).  Each of these selections of our 120ml e-juice deals are available for purchase in the same nicotine concentration listed above for Bubba Jug, but Nude e-juice is also available for purchase in 12mg concentration of nicotine.

Simple 120 e-juice has an incredible 19 delicious flavors of e-juice in 120ml bottles.  Hence the name.  Their sleek and simple label features clever names inspired by their flavors (here we go):

  • BB Berry Bomb (mixed berry)
  • BLTS Blue Raz Belts (blue raspberry belts candy)
  • BOM Blood Orange Mango
  • CUST Custard (vanilla custard)
  • KarmaChez Caramel Cheesecake
  • LMN Whip Lemon Cream
  • PS Pineapple Strawberry
  • RazKi Raspberry Kiwi
  • Sapl Sour Apple
  • The Razz (blue raspberry candy)
  • TropIce (tropical fruit medley with a hint of menthol)
  • BUB-licious (bubble gummy)
  • GRP-licious (grape gummy)
  • RAS-licious (raspberry gummy)
  • LEMLYM Lemon Lime
  • OG-Bull Original Bull Power (OG Bull)
  • ORNG-Bull Tangy Citrus Zest
  • Pink-Bull Pomegranate Punch
  • Tropi-Bull Driven Tropical Blend (blend of 8 tropical flavors)

To purchase any of these delicious flavors as part of our 120ml e-juice deals, click here to be redirected to our website.