The Best Canada Vape Juice New Arrivals

At, we offer the best varieties of eJuice flavors and brands and are always keeping up with the best new arrivals for the best price for Canada vape juice.  We have the perfect flavor for you whether you are looking for something sweet or sour, breakfast, dessert, candy, bubble gum, or your favorite soda.  You are bound to find something you like and we keep the newest flavors coming. 

Candy-Flavored eJuice

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy your favorite candy.  There are eJuice flavors that take you back to your childhood and satisfy your sweet tooth all while providing you the best eJuice. 

Square Heads- Pink Square 

Did you ever have to fight over the pink Starbursts when you opened a new pack of your favorite candy?  Now you don’t have to.  Square Heads- Pink Square 100 ML e-liquid is a chewy and slightly creamy strawberry Starburst.  Now you can keep your favorite flavored Starburst all to yourself, or share if you are feeling generous. 

PopWow Cherry Straw

Nothing is as classic than a sour lollipop.  Running to the grocery store or gas station as a kid to get your favorite lollipop was something you could always look forward to.  Now you can have that classic flavor, without the sticky mess.  Cherry Straw 60 ML e-juice is a cherry and strawberry sour lollipop for adults. 

 Mystery Flavor- CNDY

Remember those candies that you would buy and have to guess the flavor?  Well, this is the eJuice version.  You don’t know what you are getting but you do know it will be a delicious candy flavor.

Simple Salts- The Razz

Simple Salts the Razz 20 ML e-juice is a blue raspberry candy flavor that has the perfect combination of sweet candy and tangy blue raspberry.

Soda-Flavored eJuice

An ice cold cola is one of the most classic drinks you can have.  There are many different brands and flavors added to this classic drink and now you can have those classic and flavored drinks in the form of vape juice.

Cola Man

Cola Man 60 ML e-juice is an ice-cold cola flavor that will remind you of your favorite classic drink.

Cola Man Lime

Cola Man Lime 60 ML e-juice is an ice-cold cola with lime flavor.  It takes the classic cola flavor and adds the delicious combination of lime for a crisp and refreshing taste.

Cola Man Vanilla

Cola Man Vanilla 60 ML e-juice is an ice-cold cola with a hint of vanilla flavor.  Cola gets a little better with the added flavor of vanilla. 

Dessert-Flavored eJuice

Have you ever heard the saying “life is short, eat dessert first”?  Well, now you can have dessert whenever you want with your favorite dessert flavors as eJuice flavors. 

Holt Cannoli Blueberry Strudel

Holy Cannoli’s Blueberry Strudel is a buttery, flaky puff pastry strudel stuffed with wild blueberries with a succulent blueberry drizzle.  You don’t have to find a bakery or diner to get this perfect dessert combination delivered to you. 

Mystery Flavor- BKRY

This mystery flavor will take you to your favorite bakery and give you that sweet treat that you need all while adding the fun game of guessing.

Breakfast-Flavored eJuice

They say breakfast is the most important part of your day, so why not get an eJuice that reminds you of your favorite breakfast while satisfying your sweet tooth. 

Holy Cannoli Pebbled

Pebbled 120 ML is a crunchy pebbled cereal stuffed inside a sweet cannoli shell.  It’s your favorite fruity pebble cereal from your childhood mixed with a delicious and creamy cannoli.

Fruit-Flavored eJuice

Fruit flavored eJuice’s are some of the most popular and have delicious combinations of juicy fruits.  With all the different combinations there is at least one that you will love.  

Simple Salts- BOM

Simple Salts BOM 30 ML e-juice is a blood orange and mango flavor that will is the perfect tropical combination, whether you live near the beach or not.

Simple Salts- PS

Simple Salts PS 30 ML e-juice is a pineapple and strawberry flavor that will remind you of summer.  It is the perfect combination of sweet pineapples and sweet and tangy fresh strawberries. 

Mystery Flavor- FRUT

Do you want a fruity flavored surprise?  This mystery flavor is fruity and delicious but you won’t know what you will be getting as your delicious flavor. 

Nude BRS

Nude BRS 120 ML e-juice is a plump blueberry, soft red raspberries, and ripe sun-kissed strawberries flavor that is the perfect combination of summer berries that you can enjoy all year long.

Nude APK 

Nude APK 120 ML e-juice is a crisp apple, soft and grainy pears, and ripe juicy kiwis flavor that is autumn wrapped into eJuice.  You will think of warm sweaters and changing leaves while using this delicious vape juice.

No matter your taste in Canada vape juice, at there is something perfect for you.  We offer the best quality products for the best prices so we know you will find something you love.