Retail Schmetail: The Perks of Purchasing Vape Juice Online

We at E-Juice Blowout want to thank all of our customers for making us Canada’s premier stop to purchase vape juice online.  Our commitment to providing the best selection of premium vape juices from the United States at the lowest possible prices.  We are incredibly proud to be your go-to place to buy your vape juice online.  We realize that not everyone buys their vape juice online.  You can probably walk around the corner and buy vape juice at your local gas station or convenience store, but we’re here to say that when it comes to buying vape juice, online is the way to go.


Vape shops are continuing to open across the country, but that doesn’t mean that you’re bound to be in close proximity to one.  Vape shops are opening more in urban areas than in suburban areas, and even less in rural areas.  Obviously, the time and distance that it would take someone to travel is a con of retail shopping for those not in close proximity to a larger city. Additionally, not everyone owns a car, has access to ride share companies or taxis, or has access to public transportation, but nearly everybody these days has a smartphone.  You’re probably reading this on one right now. Furthermore, online retail, in general, is growing more rapidly than brick and mortar stores are opening.  In fact, brick and mortar stores aren’t lasting as long as they used to due to the consumers choosing online over retail.  Online shops never close, thereby, creating more accessibility to vape products around the clock as opposed to restrictive hours of operation.  Shop when it is convenient for you…..not for them.

Another thing to consider is that retail vape shops are restricted to only what can be contained within their four walls and sell you during their hours of operation.  However, with online vape shops, you can purchase a rose gold vape pen and chocolate mint vape juice from your bed at 6:00 in the morning.  If you’ve found something that you like in a store, you will find it online, and then some. 

Keeping an Eye on Costs

In shopping for vape juice online, you have the luxury of comparing prices from one site to another, as opposed to going from store to store.  You can save yourself the time and save that gas money and use it to buy what you want at the cheapest price you find online.  Many online vape shops also provide promotions for first time customers, offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount, or offer promo codes at checkout at various times of the year.

There’s No Comparison

When it comes to buying vape juice online, we dare you to find the same vast selection of vape juices and vape products at the rock bottom prices that we have here at E-Juice Blowout. Head on over to E-Juice Blowout to check out our full inventory.