Raspberry + Kiwi = RazKi: Simply Fruity EJuice

Fellow Canadians!  Thank you for making us your #1 online destination for the lowest prices on premium brands of ejuice.  When we first launch eJuice Blowout, our purpose was to import the best eJuice from the United States and make them available to all Canadians and the response was incredible.  With the largest online selection of ejuice in Canada, we have no doubt that you’ll find several of your new favorite ejuice brands and flavors at prices that our competitors can’t possibly match. 

Simple 120 at eJuice Blowout

More of what sets us apart from our competition is our selection of 120ml bottles.  While we do pride ourselves on our hundreds of 60ml bottles of ejuice, we are particularly proud of our collection of nearly 30 big bottles.  The appropriately named Simple 120 brand of ejuice accounts for over half of our big bottle inventory with a whopping 19 and exciting and delicious ejuice flavors. 

All of our 120ml bottles of Simple 120 ejuice are marked down 50% from regular retail price.  One of our most popular selling Simple 120 brand ejuices is their RazKi ejuice.  The Simple 120 RazKi ejuice is a juicy and delicious blend of plump red raspberries and juicy, tart kiwi without an overwhelming sweetness that tastes like candy.  A lot of times, fruit flavored ejuice can come off so sweet, it’s almost too strong and the sugar puts people off.  No need to worry about that with Simple 120 RazKi ejuice.  The subtle fruit notes in this ejuice blend into one of the most natural fruit tasting ejuices out there.

Simple 120 RazKi flavored ejuice is available for purchase in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine concentration and is blended with 70% VG and 30% PG (Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol). 

In addition to Simple 120’s RazKi flavored ejuice, we carry 18 other of Simple 120’s delicious flavors including:

  •        BB Berry Bomb (mixed berry)
  •        BLTS Blue Raz Belts (blue raspberry belts candy)
  •        BOM Blood Orange Mango
  •        CUST Custard (vanilla custard)
  •        KarmaChez Caramel Cheesecake
  •        LMN Whip Lemon Cream
  •        PS Pineapple Strawberry
  •        Sapl Sour Apple
  •        The Razz (blue raspberry candy)
  •        TropIce (tropical fruit medley with a hint of menthol)
  •        BUB-licious (bubble gummy)
  •        GRP-licious (grape gummy)
  •        RAS-licious (raspberry gummy)
  •        LEMLYM Lemon Lime
  •        OG-Bull Original Bull Power (OG Bull)
  •        ORNG-Bull Tangy Citrus Zest
  •        Pink-Bull Pomegranate Punch
  •        Tropi-Bull Driven Tropical Blend (blend of 8 delicious tropical flavors)

To get your Simple 120 RazKi ejuice, or any of their other delicious flavors of ejuice, hop on over to eJuice Blowout right now!