How to Prime a Coil: The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Burnt Vape Coils

Remember that time you had just finished eating a big, delicious meal and couldn't wait for that oh-so-satisfying hit on your favorite vape? But for some reason, it wasn't so satisfying. Instead, you ended up with a big mouth full of burnt menthol flavored vapor.


Not only are you ruining your vaping experience, but you're also ruining your coil when this happens. In this article, you'll learn all about priming and two easy methods for how to prime a coil.

Read on so you'll always get that sweet flavor and never burn up another coil again.

What Is Priming?

So what exactly does it mean to prime a coil and what happens when you neglect your priming duties?

What's happening when you taste that burnt flavor is the coil in your vape is drying out and it's burning up your juice. The best way to prevent a dried up coil is by priming your coil before you use it.

Priming should be done every single time you change out your coil. There are a few ways that you can prime your coil.

How to Prime a Coil: Two Methods

There are many more methods that you can try, but we've done the research and found the two easiest and most effective.

For both methods you'll need:

  • New coil
  • Unused cotton replacement
  • Your favorite vape juice

Once you've got all of your ingredients you can proceed to try out one of the following methods.

Advisement: You can never be too careful when messing with your pricey new vape, so rest assured that these methods are both safe for you and your vape.

Patience Method (Wait Around Sulking)

The first method, and by far the easiest, is what we like to call the "patience method".

What you'll need to do first is take apart your vape. Different vapes vary on how they come apart, so be sure to check with the manufacturer before you break it.

Next, place a few drops of your favorite e-liquid straight onto the coil.

Insert the cotton and coil into your vape.

Note: different vapes require different coils, so make sure you're using the right one to avoid damaging your vape. Coils can come with the cotton built-in or separate.

Once you've got it properly installed, fill up the tank with your juice.

Now you wait.

You want the coil to be good and saturated before you take a hit. So set your vape down and pace anxiously around your house for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Suction Method (Let Impatience Take Over)

If the anxious pacing isn't your thing and you're ready to take a hit now, you can speed up the process with the suction method.

You'll follow exactly the same steps as you did for the first method, except this time once your coil is soaked, you won't set the vape down.

Take a few quick hits from you vape without touching the power button. This will suck up the e-liquid and saturate the coil faster. Do this 8 or 10 times and your vape should be good to go.

It is very important not to hit that power button while priming your coil, or you'll just burn up your brand new coil and end up with a nasty taste in your mouth.

No More Burnt Coils

Yes, my friend. Learning how to prime a coil is really that easy.

Whichever method you choose to use will work equally as well as the other, it's all a matter of your lifestyle and what works for you. Remember that just because you couldn't wait and chose the suction method the last time, doesn't mean you can't switch to the patient method this time. Play it by ear and see what works for you and your vape.

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