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Cigarette smokers all over Canada, as well as non-smokers who have considered smoking, are finally paying attention to the warnings that have been asserted for decades about the health risks of smoking cigarettes.  Aside from the health risks to your lungs and heart from all of that tar and carbon monoxide, smoking cigarettes wreak havoc on your physical appearance as well.  Your nails, hair and skin start to become yellow, your teeth start to brown and your breath….well let’s just not talk about it.

            Vaping has become an increasingly popular alternative to smoking cigarettes in the past several years.  Now, while we cannot state that vaping is 100% “safe”, it is 100% legal for individual use all across Canada (provincial regulations can be found by clicking here). Vaping delivers the nicotine in the form of a liquid that, when heated and then inhaled, turns into a cloud of vapor, but without the cancerous carbon monoxide.  It is still important to note that nicotine is an addictive chemical and should not be consumed by minors.

eJuice 101

            There are two formulas that can be vaped; e-liquid a/k/a e-juice and nicotine salts. E-juice is a combination of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycerin, nicotine and flavor. Nicotine salts, sometimes referred to as e-juice salts, are the purest form of nicotine drawn from the tobacco leaf.  Nicotine salts are a combination of glycerol, propylene glycol, natural oils, extracts and flavor, nicotine and benzoic acid.  Nicotine salts have a higher concentration of nicotine and, therefore, takes less inhales to get your nicotine high.

Best eJuice Deals in Canada is a strictly online e-juice retailer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Our mission is to bring premium e-juice from the United States into Canada and to sell them at them to you at our lowest possible prices.  As a new and growing company, every day we work hard to improve our services as we strive to improve communication with our consumers, provide the best customer service, and offer the deepest discounts of e-juice in Canada. 

Vapor Flavors We Offer

Chances are, if you can think of a flavor, there is probably a vapor flavor on the market with certainly more to come. Whatever your personal preference is,, has an inventory popular brands of e-juice brands in a variety flavors so you are bound to find a vapor flavor, or several, that you enjoy. has a very user-friendly platform to search for vapor flavors.  Whatever flavor profile is your favorite, or if you want to try something new, you can search our flavor varieties by category: Bakery and Dessert, where you’ll find flavors like Glazed Donut and Vanilla Buttercream; Beverage, with options like Cola and Blue Slushie; Candy, like Swedish Fish and Sour Gummies; Cereal, like everyone favorite…Fruity Pebbles; Fruit, which offers anything imaginable; and for a more natural smoking flavor experience, Menthol and Tobacco. Our nicotine salts also come in a variety of flavors.

Once you’ve determined your flavor profile, you can filter your search by bottle size and sort by price (either highest to lowest or lowest to highest), best-selling, featured, alphabetically and by newer vs. older products.