Awesome Vaping Action: Advanced Level Vaping Tricks You Have to Try

Vapers post videos of themselves performing the latest vape tricks every day. With 10.8 million Americans using vapes, there's no shortage of creativity when it comes to making tricks. 

You know the basics when it comes to easy vape tricks, and you're ready for more complicated techniques. Check out these advanced vaping tricks that are bound to impress your friends. 

1. Tornado

You've probably seen videos of vape experts creating a tornado-like formation out of their vapor, and you've always wanted to do the same. Now, you'll learn how to look just as cool as them. 

All you have to do is exhale your vapor slowly onto a table. Make sure your vapor is thick. Use your hand to slice at the table, and then flip your wrist as you lift your arm. 

Smoothly executing this trick will result in a spinning strand of vapor that resembles a tornado. 

2. Bane Inhale

If you're familiar with Batman, you're probably aware of the villainous Bane. This is one of those cool vape tricks that'll make your smoke look just like Bane's mask. For this trick, it's helpful to know how to do vape tricks like the French inhale.

First, inhale vapor and keep it in your cheeks. Try not to move in order to allow the vapor to thicken.

Initiate a basic French inhale, in which you let the vapor trickle out of your mouth and into your nose. The only difference is that you need to put your teeth together while you exhale the vapor. This splits up the vapor into separate pieces and gives you the same look as Bane. 

3. Jellyfish

No matter what vape hardware you use, or if you use vapes for cannabis, we can all agree that the jellyfish trick is legendary. This is one of the hardest vape smoke tricks that every vape master should try. Your vapor will resemble a jellyfish if you do the trick just right. 

You first need to take a big inhale large enough to make two O rings. Exhale a big O ring, and use your hand to try to slow it down.

Then blow out small O ring and push it forward. This makes both of the rings connect and creates an image of a jellyfish as the vapor spreads. 

4. Triangles

You've done dozens of O rings, but have you ever considered triangles? Show up your friends' vape tricks and do a triangle instead. 

Exhale a thick O ring, and then use your hand to shape the ring into a triangle. Gently but quickly press the sides of the O ring before it fades away. This might take a lot of practice, but you'll get the hang of it. 

Impress with These Vaping Tricks

Your friends will be shocked when you start creating clouds of jellyfish or make a smoke mask that looks just like Bane's. If you don't get these vaping tricks right the first time, keep practicing. The results are too awesome to pass up. 

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